SRK visual ad campaign

For years we’ve been running long-copy ad campaigns for SRK. We’re about to roll out a much more visual ad campaign. Short — or no-copy. Brief headlines or single words that reinforce the visual delivery of the message.

SRK provides proven, safe, profitable solutions to complex mining challenges. It’s easy to get mired in too much detail about their services. Detail that’s skipped by readers flipping through a trade magazine. This visual ad campaign has one primary objective — to pique their interest and get them to the website. Then SRK has an opportunity to guide them through a logical sales proposition. Do that well and we’ve converted a prospect to a sales lead.

The brief, easy-to-type URLs will also redirect to landing pages on the site with the standard long hierarchical URLs.

Just trying to keep up with our short — and getting shorter all the time — little attention spans.

’nuff said.

You may also be interested in our Covid-19 ad campaign. It drives home 2 key benefits of working with SRK. The first is their global presence. With 45 offices worldwide they’re already there. Travel restrictions be damned. The second is their experience with advanced technologies that allow them to work remotely.


  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Image preparation
  • Production