SRK Consulting Online

SRK Consulting’s online presence is pretty complex. Twelve languages; 15 domains; diverse service offering; regional nuances; global operations, and 45 offices in 20 countries on 6 continents.

We provide design and creative direction; client liaison and programmer coordination; post and track issues in Gitlab. We write Drupal procedure guides and provide front-line support for 80 users around the world.

We assisted with setup of SRK’s Linkedin page which now has over 51,000 followers. We helped with photo editing and direction of their corporate video.

After designing and producing their richly illustrated 280 page 40th anniversary book, we prepared the e-book versions as epub, mobi, and PDF files. Unlike typical epubs, this version integrates rich visuals throughout the narrative and involves some pretty complex formatting.

Working with an organization the size of SRK, and with a service offering as diverse and complex as theirs, has been a great opportunity for us to hone our marketing and communications skills for a truly global audience.

We have worked with Ian and Kelly on several projects over the years including our website, LinkedIn page, e-book, and online banner ads. They not only provide great design and communication solutions, but also add value with strategic insights and guidance. Design HQ — now Far and Wide — have been a true business partner; far more than a mere service provider.

– Andy Barrett, Group CEO


  • Site design
  • Procedure guides
  • User support
  • LinkedIn page launch
  • Ebook design & production