Womyns’Ware Censorship Ad Campaign

Some believe that anything longer than it is wide is “too phallic”. And can a cartoon lady’s breasts really be “too provocative”? Really?!!?

We used the letters of rejection from publishers who took issue with Womyns’Ware “racy ads” as fodder for yet another ad campaign — the Womyns’Ware censorship ad campaign. Too much fun.

Take a look at 6 ads from this campaign.

We are laughing SO MUCH over the nipples. Hilarious. I like the black and white because it is so silly. When you add the flesh colour, well then sure they are boobs. When they are like a doodle, you are able to grasp how silly it is to call cartoon Lady boobs too provocative.

– Janna Sylvest, co-founder of Womyns’Ware


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