SRK Book design

We’ve designed and produced books before, but never anything as ambitious or extensive as the 280 page book design for SRK Consulting’s 40-year history. Writer Ian Mulgrew interviewed over 180 SRK folks including the original founders, and current and past consultants. Once he had pieced together a reasonably accurate version of history, the text was reviewed and fact-checked by key sticklers for detail at SRK.

Then came our challenging task of designing spreads, creating diagrams, crafting sidebars and captions, and pulling together images — some from SRK archives; some suitable stock and public domain; and some original photography.

When Andy Barrett first discussed this project with us, he held up a text-heavy, visually boring book from a competing firm and said “I would pick this up if I was having trouble sleeping. This is definitely not what I want this book to be.”

By all reports mission accomplished.

We collaborated with Echo Stories on this project and relied on their extensive experience to recommend Ian Mulgrew as the perfect writer for the project. They also scrutinized our output files, prepared the index, and coordinated printing, binding and shipping.

And if you’re a fan of epubs, you will definitely want to see what we did with the e-book version. Accommodating the hundreds of images, pull-quotes, time-lines, and other visual elements was a real formatting challenge. Nailed it!


  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Diagrams
  • Sidebar copywriting
  • Image prep
  • Print production
  • Ebook production