Image, headline, copy.

Your advertising has seconds to get their attention. Then answer the questions “What’s in it for me? Why should I care?”. Promise a reward and prove you can make good on that promise.

Do all that in a matter of seconds and you’re nearly there.

Don’t leave a prospect hanging. Good advertising includes a call to action and tells you where to buy; how to book; how to contact. You need to make it easy to act.

Then that thing called frequency. On average, people are aware of your message 1 out of 3 times they’re exposed to it. If they’re shopping for what you’re selling, they need to be aware of it 9 times before they’re inclined to act on it.

Do the math. That’s 27 times it needs to be in front of them to get results. That’s a big commitment of resources.

Make sure you start with great creative.