SRK Consulting Ad Campaigns

SRK Consulting offers a complex range of services. SRK’s advertising needs to persuade critical decision makers who are less than impressed by vague promises.

Our long-copy ad campaigns pose a technical challenge, then substantiate benefit claims with real examples and outcomes. This strategy completely side-steps the pitfalls of empty advertising platitudes or general claims that leave you wondering why you should take their word for it.

Real examples. Measurable results.

These ads are a good counterpoint to our highly visual, short copy ad campaign for SRK. Running both strategies provides good metrics to see which is working best.

We have worked with Ian and Kelly on several projects over the years including… advertisements. They not only provide great design and communication solutions, but also add value with strategic insights and guidance. Design HQ — now Far and Wide — have been a true business partner; far more than a mere service provider.

– Andy Barrett, Group CEO


  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Image preparation
  • Production