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Sherry Jiang

Sherry Jiang is a master distiller from Dalian, China. She contacted us in early 2013 to discuss launching a craft distillery. She was armed with her skill set, a vision, investment capital from the sale of her condominium, and a burning enthusiasm.

She asked for a proposal outlining how we could help.

We prepared a modest, but comprehensive plan, and after only a moment’s trepidation, Sherry got us started developing the Dragon Mist brand.

Sherry’s determination to make this venture a success is truly inspiring. When confronted with long waits for trades to refurbish her kettles, she bought a disc grinder, rolled up her shirt sleeves and got busy doing it herself. She is literally chief cook and bottle washer!

Sherry’s grass-roots marketing savvy showed her that farmers’ markets were a great distribution channel. Not only did they put her product in the hands of excited consumers, their obvious demand prompted local private liquor stores to stock her spirits — one reason she recruited 40 in the first year alone.

The Vodka is pretty damn good too! Guess what we’ll be serving for office libations.



Andy Barrett, SRK Consulting

Andy Barrett

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