Point No Point Website

When it was time for our favourite West Coast Vancouver Island resort to launch a new site, we had all the resources we needed to roll it out quickly.

We have been visiting Point No Point resort for decades. We started working on their marketing back in 1998. Since then we have been shooting the beaches and grounds, the cabin interiors and exteriors, and the restaurant.

So when you have that inventory of images to draw on creating a new website is a walk in the park (or private grounds).

We did the first big marketing push when they acquired the adjacent luxury home, Bridge House. We have designed and produced several generations of websites. The current one is a responsive WordPress site that Point No Point update themselves.

We also created their Facebook group which now has over 2,800 members. This is truly a thing of beauty. It is a completely self-tending, zero-maintenance group. Point No Point does not monitor the page. They don’t respond to questions about accommodations or amenities.

The members take care of that.

The group members are die-hard, crazy-passionate fans of Point No Point resort. They jump in to answer each other’s questions and give suggestions. They describe their visits and their favorite cabins. They flat-out love the place.

We totally get it.

Ian, I’m not a marketing guy, but I have to tell you those new cabin photos have made all the difference! Before you launched the new site, cabin 14 was the last to rent just because the photo didn’t do it justice. Now it’s booked solid and we could rent it 4 times over. Great job. Thanks for all your help.

– Stuart Soderberg, Owner, Point No Point Resort

Branding and marketing delivered great ROI

  • Resort now has over 95% occupancy
  • Frequently gets free editorial media coverage


  • Site production
  • Custom coding
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Copywriting

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