Western Logistics responsive wordpress site

Since our work started with Western Logistics in 1990, we have produced many iterations of their websites. As technologies advanced, we morphed their sites from simple HTML using image swaps for navigation and GIFs for animated effects — through Flash intros — and ultimately to the version you see today. Built with a responsive WordPress theme, customized google maps, fillable PDFs and more.

It’s exciting to have played a role in the success of Western Logistics. We love working with the great team Bob has pulled together over the years. He now has his eye on a new venture which we’ve begun work on, but more about that later!

Part of building a successful corporation is finding the best people available and giving them the freedom to do what they do best. You showed me what I asked for but then — more importantly — you took it upon yourselves to show me what I needed, not just what I asked for. You’ve designed a winner.

— Bob Hartin, Founder, Western Logistics Inc.


  • Wordpress theme
  • Custom coding
  • Custom maps
  • Analytics & SEO

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