SRK Covid-19 ad campaign

There was a time when travel to the client’s mine site was a given. Every stage of the mining life cycle – from exploration through design, production, and closure — required SRK’s mine engineering consultants to be there in person.

Then came the corona virus pandemic. It shut down travel. It also sparked innovative work-arounds to keep projects moving.

Our Covid-19 ad campaign focused on two key strengths of SRK Consulting.

One was their global presence. With 45 offices worldwide, they were already there. They could often deploy personnel to client’s sites without the need for international air travel.

The other was their long experience with remote sensing technologies and analysis of complex data sets. Working with advanced methods such as Lidar, GPR, and drone surveys allowed SRK to keep up the momentum on projects without being there in person.

We illustrated these 2 key benefits with a series of ads that focused on one or the other — reminding clients that their projects could keep moving without the need for international travel.

Smart. Effective. And often virtual.

Striking images combined with brief headlines and very short copy told the story. We prepared the 5 ads in this campaign as full page print, then reworked them for fractional page sizes and online banner ads. Initial concepts for 5 ads were ready one week from our first brief. Client review meeting sparked 2 additional concepts and press-ready final artwork for 5 of those 7 concepts was ready one week later.

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  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Image preparation
  • Production