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Company Profile

Far & Wide has been in business since 1989 and incorporated since 1998. Originally Design HQ Inc., we rebranded in 2014 as Far & Wide Marketing Inc. to better describe the range of our diverse clients and the services we provide them.

It also touches on the way we have truly embraced the virtual office. We are based in Vancouver, BC, but often work remotely from Ontario and a BC Gulf Island. We collaborate with programmers as far away as Bucharest, Romania and as near as Victoria and Ladner, BC. Our clients are scattered around the globe and provide products and services for industry, government, retail, hospitality and non-profit sectors.

Truly far and wide.

contact far and wide marketing Kate NisbetKate Nisbet, Principal & Senior Designer

T: 604.376.6490
E: [email protected]marketing


Kate articled with us during the summer of 2003 as the career prep component of her design program in Ontario. Being the consummate performer that she is, she graduated top of her class in 2004 and moved to Vancouver for a full time position here in August of the same year. Kate is now an associate partner of Far & Wide Marketing Inc.

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contact far and wide marketing Ian McSorleyIan McSorley, Consulting founder

T: 778.999.9979


Ian’s first commercial projects included architectural renderings for Arthur Erickson and technical illustrations for Phil Nuytten — developer of the one-atmosphere deep diving Newtsuit. His biological illustrations and exhibit design for the Institute of Ocean Sciences took him 750′ down to the bottom of Saanich Inlet in the Pisces submersible. Did I mention he loves science, technology, and architecture? True. Could be why he’s know as Data or Mr. Science to some of his closest lampooners.

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contact far and wide marketing Kelly BrooksKelly Brooks, Consulting founder

T: 604.323.4197


Kelly has delivered great DRM for heavy weights such as TELUS, VanCity, Johnson & Johnson, Allstream, and the University of British Columbia. These campaigns don’t just look great, they pull results. Results like a 26%+ response for Manitoba Telecom. Or her award-winning UBC fundraiser that achieved a remarkable 31% increase in revenues over the previous year.

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