Propellor Branding

Bob Prenovost consulted to social enterprise and non-profit organizations for years. He had forged some great relationships and helped those organizations grow and evolve.

He and his partner David Lee approached us about branding their consultancy.

We started with name development. Propellor — with an ‘or’ as in one who propels. That final selection evolved in tandem with the logotype. The double “L” was just screaming to be a tiny little, two-frame animated sequence. Liftoff!

From name development and logo design to writing, design and production of marketing communications and production of their first website — start to finish was an 8 week project with a roll-out that we’re all proud of!

Could it be as simple as just saying ‘that’s the one’?!?!!

David Lee, Principal, Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors


  • Name development
  • Logo design
  • Site design
  • Copywriting
  • Print design

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