Propellor Print Communications

Any good communications plan repurposes content for all media.

That’s exactly what we did for Propellor’s print communications. The client’s archives of case studies provided fodder for their new case study sheets. We prepared the first set in InDesign, then developed MS Word templates for them to carry on with (yes – Word templates that are difficult to tell from our publishing files!).

Our copywriting for the website was reworked for their marketing brochure.

Stationery files were prepared for litho, as well as electronic letterhead.

All Propellor’s marketing efforts are very targeted, so short-run digital printing was just fine. This allowed updates as-needed and avoided boxes of outdated printing destined for the recycling bin.

From name development and logo design to writing, design and production of marketing communications and production of their first website — start to finish was an 8 week project with a roll-out that we’re all proud of!

Could it be as simple as just saying ‘that’s the one’?!?!!

– David Lee, Principal, Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors


  • Copywriting
  • Brochure design
  • Case studies
  • Print coordination

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