Upcycling Banners for Commercial Drive

We’re pretty chuffed to see our Commercial Drive umbrella project featured in the Communication Arts Design Annual. Who knew our press release on upcycling banners for reusable nylon shopping bags and vibrant umbrellas would go viral?

When our street banner designs were replaced with a new edition, we converted the old ones into reusable nylon shopping bags and these vibrant umbrellas — just what you need to keep the rain and the winter blues at bay.

This project brought together social enterprise, upcycling, waste stream reduction, and generated funds for new public green space in the neighbourhood. Our eco-audit also calculated the reduction in environmental impacts achieved by reusing the nylon. This combination of factors sent this project’s media coverage viral. It was picked up by dozens of websites around the globe, including treehugger.com — at the time, one of the top websites in the world for traffic — and translated into at least half a dozen languages, spiking traffic to the Commercial Drive BIA’s website.

We love it when a plan comes together.



  • Concept
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Eco-audit
  • Press releases
  • Green space fund