After years of chatter about the ‘virtual office’ we have rolled out that idea in a meaningful way.

For decades we have worked with clients both far and wide, but done that from our single location in Vancouver, BC. That location is still there, but it now houses our file server linked to cloud storage accessible from anywhere. And – oh yes – it still occasionally houses us.

So now, whether we are dealing with our clients around the corner, or around the world, we can do what we do from Vancouver, a BC gulf island, Provence, Whistler, or Amsterdam — anywhere that our work and lives take us.

Over the years we’ve also forged some great connections for products and services around the globe — custom designed bottles from Yunchen; books printed in Winnipeg and Guangzhou; aluminum extrusions from Taipei; SEO expertise from London, programming from Bucharest… the list goes on.

We recruit the right team for your project — regardless of where you, we, or other key players are.



Kelly Brooks

Principal, Art Director

Kelly Brooks at Far & Wide Marketing Inc. in Vancouver, BC

Ian McSorley

Principal, Creative Director

Ian McSorley at Far & Wide Marketing Inc. in Vancouver, BC

Kate Nisbet


Kate Nisbet at Far & Wide Marketing Inc. in Vancouver, BC