Spiral staircase at Galiano Island

Spiral waterfront access

We have a tricky water access down our 20′ bluff. Scheming the spiral design started with some rough measurements and sketches. To check the fit and position in-situ, Kelly suggested a full-size model which we built with PVC water pipe. Kelly also spotted the perfect centre-pole log on a nearby beach. As good fortune would have it, there was an unusually high tide that night which floated the log off the beach. I towed it home in my kayak around midnight and hoisted it onto the sandstone shelf.

My favourite welder, Anthony Patrick, at Raincity Fabrication made the treads, landing, and support bars from the drawings I supplied. Washy enamel glazes created the patina of weathered decades on the coast and we recruited all of our able-bodied summer guests to crank away on 5″ galvanized lag bolts.

Result: a super-safe access and great new vantage point looking east and west along the bluff from the landing.

Download the shop drawings for free!