Western Logistics Branding

From its inception, Western Logistics focused on a single niche market — to deliver office furnishings from manufacturers in Eastern Canada and the US great lakes region to destinations in Western Canada.

Their founder, Bob Hartin, is a master of motivation, vision, and quality. His guiding principles have built Western Logistics from inception to the company it is today. They has designed and built dedicated terminals across Canada, expanded into the USA, and has a reputation for quality service that leaves the nearest competitor a distant second.

We started working with Bob in 1990. Our first design contribution was the logo. It’s still turning heads nearly 3 decades later. Since then, we’ve developed and implemented a clean, corporate standard for all their branding and communications — print, website, fleet graphics, terminal signage, advertising and marketing.

It’s exciting to have played a role in the success of Western Logistics. We love working with the great team Bob has pulled together over the years. He now has his eye on a new venture which we’ve begun work on, but more about that later!

Part of building a successful corporation is finding the best people available and giving them the freedom to do what they do best. You showed me what I asked for but then — more importantly — you took it upon yourselves to show me what I needed, not just what I asked for. You’ve designed a winner.

— Bob Hartin, Founder, Western Logistics Inc.


  • Logo design
  • Fleet graphics
  • Terminals signage
  • Site design
  • Copywriting
  • Print design

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