Canadian Wind Energy Print

The Canadian Wind Energy Association needed an information kit for audiences that ranged from policy wonks to individuals with little knowledge of wind energy. Potentially complex, technical information had to be distilled to a comprehensible, plain-language message — detailed enough to cover all the salient issues, but brief enough to be covered at a town hall meeting.

We were chosen from an overwhelming influx of proposals “… based on the depth of experience, strength and quality of design and creative approach”.

The information kit distilled potentially complex technical information into a comprehensible set of 12 visually engaging information sheets. They cover everything from wildlife impacts to environmental, consumer, and community benefits. Our plain-english, benefit-oriented copy writing complemented visuals that ranged from baseballs to skillets to illustrate wind energy concepts and helped make this “… the best communications piece ever produced by this industry association.”

Our excellent French translator re-wrote concepts with the same tenor as their English counterparts, resulted in an engaging read in both languages.

To make the benefits of wind energy even more tangible, we developed case studies that included a ‘project at a glance’ box story on each cover; project shots; employment and revenue stats; community benefits; and project time line. The format also included a brief synopsis of general benefits of wind energy so these case studies could stand on their own without the comprehensive information kit.

These are exactly what CanWEA needed and they’ve been indispensable for project developers that want to provide an engaging, quick study on all aspects of the wind energy industry in Canada.

Given the opportunity for our members to profile their projects in these case studies, it was amazing how challenging it was to pull this information together. I have to congratulate you on a flawless design process and great end result. Many thanks!

— Robert Hornung, President, CanWEA


  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Translations
  • Diagrams
  • Image prep
  • Production