Info-graphic Design

We’re visual creatures. When you merge images and text, your message is more engaging. People get it. They remember it. They share it. Info-graphics are the perfect way to combine images and text.

Your info-graphics can look beautiful in print, but fail on a smart phone. It can look great on a smart phone, but terrible on a desktop browser. Print, mobile, desktop browser – we’ll make sure your info-graphics use the right format, right from the start. Don’t let your great content fail because it’s not formatted correctly for the medium you’ve chosen.

We have developed custom scripts to swap info-graphic images prepared at different widths for smart phones, tablets, and desktop browsers so they are all clear and legible on any size screen. We have also developed fully interactive on-line info graphics that really engage your audience. And then, of course, beautifully designed info-graphics for print at any size — display graphics, posters, or pages suitable for bound documents or presentations.

Visit our micro-site and find out how to make sure you get the right info-graphic format to deliver your content the best way possible.


  • Creative direction
  • Custom illustrations
  • Responsive design
  • Research
  • Copywriting
  • Production
  • Custom scripts