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Andy Barrett

I first met Andy Barrett in 1996. He arrived in Vancouver to take the reins of SRK‘s global operations.

As is often the case with a changing of the guard, you never really know what the future holds. Looking back, I have to say the past 20 years have proven to be one of the best working relationships we’ve enjoyed with any client.

One of Andy’s stand-out qualities is his ability to keep sight of the objective and maintain forward motion. He literally spends half his time traversing the globe, working with colleagues and clients on business strategies, best practices, and optimum solutions. He respects the input of valued advisers, weighs the ROI, commits to a plan, and sees it through to completion.

Sometimes that involves a patient approach for a superior result. Sometimes expediency outweighs perfection. Both have merit and the ability to decide which is best is one of Andy’s great strengths — perhaps a residual benefit of Colonel Barrett’s experience leading a regiment in South Africa.

Andy also knows when to accept tried and true principles. He once reviewed marketing layouts with an engineering consultant who suggested cramming a little more into an available vacant space on the page. Andy replied, “We can’t do that. That’s white space and it’s important. I don’t know why it’s important, but it is.”

Any designer who finds a client with that reverence for design principles better do everything they can to keep that relationship intact. So far so good.



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